How Paintbrush works

The client phones Paintbrush enquiring about an estimate after hearing about us through our website, a personal recommendation, a leaflet or having seen a sign on one of our vans.

Over the phone one of the Paintbrush team arranges a convenient time to visit.

After visiting the client and the place where the work will take place Paintbrush will send a detailed estimate via email, or if requested via post. The estimate will show what work will be completed and the estimated cost.

The client chooses Paintbrush and accepts the estimate either via email, over the phone or perhaps in person.  One of the Paintbrush team books in the work for the client at a time to suit them.

The Paintbrush decorator will arrive promptly on the first day of the work at a pre-arranged time.  They will start each day at a set time that will be shared with you in advance. We pride ourselves on being punctual and effective. Our team is police checked and therefore our clients can leave keys with our team knowing that their property is in safe hands.

The Paintbrush decorator carries out the work in a safe, polite, organised and effective way.

At the end of the job the client is asked to inspect the work and any areas that the client is not totally satisfied with will be revisited by the Paintbrush Decorator until the client is happy.

The site of the work will be left clean and tidy.

Soon afterwards Paintbrush will ask for a quick evaluation on the work in order to reflect on our services and to strengthen our future customer care.


Payment Terms


Usually no deposit is required, with payments being made as the work progresses. Request for the final payment on satisfactory completion is required unless otherwise arranged.



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