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Paintbrush: Professional Painters and Decorators in Ealing and Beyond

Money today is tighter than it’s been in years. While segments of the economy are doing well there is still a general unease regarding the future. As a result, when talking with our clients in Ealing, ChelseaKensingtonKnightsbridge and Holland Park we find one subject is on many of their minds: whether to move or renovate.

It’s an important topic and one that doesn’t lend itself to a quick and easy answer. But perhaps we can provide a couple of reasons why hiring Paintbrush Painters and Decorators in Ealing and other locations including Notting HillSloane SquareBarnesChiswick and Fulham to help with a home renovation can aid your cause no matter which path you choose.

  • The Virtues of Painting – The way you paint your home goes a long way toward determining how much value is added by the process. It’s not enough to simply slather on a new topcoat. If you choose a harsh or illogical colour scheme any value added will be minimal at best. By choosing an experienced and professionally trained team of experts like those at Paintbrush you can avoid this unhappy result and get the most out of your new paint job. If you decide to stay you’ll have a great looking home. If you decide to sell your home’s enhanced curb appeal will increase your odds of receiving fair value or more. Check out our work locations MortlakeTwickenhamPutney and Richmond.
  • The Virtues of Decorating – A well thought out redecoration scheme is another way to add both personal value and property value. Going through the house room by room to repair minor damage and then instituting a well coordinated decorating plan which may include new paint, wallpapering and tromp l’oeil elements as well as new drapery and the like can enhance your own experience of the house as well as making it more desirable to potential buyers should you decide to sell.
  • For Businesses – Studies have shown that employees work best when they feel inspired to come to work. They will also work harder for owners they feel care about them and their circumstances. By repainting or redecorating your office, restaurant, shop or learning facility you increase productivity and may increase both your customer load and the level of comfort and satisfaction they feel.

Paintbrush Painters and Decorators in Ealing Add Value to Your Home or Business

Whether you decide to sell your home or stay put for the long haul repainting and redecorating can add just the sort of appeal you’re looking for. There’s nothing like coming home to a house that makes you feel special and nothing like seeing the impressed look on the faces of potential buyers when they drive up to the curb or step through the door.

It’s the same with business. Repainting and redecorating will pay dividends on both ends of the business spectrum.

If you’re in the market to sell your home or just want to lift the spirits of everyone who lives with you give Paintbrush a call on 02031300294 to get started or pay a visit to our website and check out our gallery of recent projects at Gallery or visit our work locations Wimbledon and Kew.


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