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Paintbrush Painters and Decorators Deliver Customer Satisfaction to Kew

Paintbrush Painters and Decorators Kew provides top-quality painting and decoration services to residents and businesses of all sizes and types. We have served in different locations including ChelseaKensingtonKnightsbridge and Holland Park.

We feature a full range of interior and exterior services at affordable rates our customers appreciate. Today, when making the most of your money matters, Paintbrush deliver value with every stroke in different areas including Notting HillSloane SquareBarnes and Chiswick.

When you hire the professionals from Paintbrush to handle your painting or decoration project you’re not only getting one of the top companies you’re also benefitting from our years of experience. We are experienced and serving these areas, EalingFulhamMortlake and Twickenham too. Our customer-centric approach to business means from the first phone call you can expect to be treated like you matter.

  • Assessment – After the initial phone conversation we’ll arrange to have a meeting with you to discuss your project in greater detail. You’ll be encouraged to bring relevant photos of the site as well as pictures from magazines that reflect the kind of painting or decorating scheme you have in mind. This will be helpful in getting the process moving in the right direction.
  • Survey – After our discussion we’ll want to visit your home or business to take a close look at the prospective site. We’ll take our own photos this time along with relevant measurements. If a business or institution of some kind is involved we’ll assess traffic patterns and other logistical concerns.
  • Quotation – After we’ve taken the measure of the work site we’ll get back to you in short order with a fair, accurate and comprehensive quotation. While it’s possible that something could change that would affect the final price, our quotations have a sterling record of being spot on.
  • Work Schedule – Next, we take everything we’ve learned into consideration and devise an effective work schedule. We take full account of the hours you’ve stated would be preferable along with any other special factors or considerations that could impact the timely execution of the project.
  • Contact Information – Once all of the above has been finalized we make sure you have effective ways you can contact us should you have any questions or concerns. We don’t run and hide after 5 pm like some contractors. If there is an issue of any sort, call us. We want to hear from you.

We’re the Most Trusted Painters and Decorators in Kew, Putney, Richmond, and Wimbledon For a Reason

Some folks who enlist our services are surprised when they call after business hours to ask a question and we answer the phone. We believe this says as much about our competition as it does about us.

The idea that clients only matter between 8 am and 5 pm is an absurd one that has no place in our business model.

If you have a need for painting and decoration services in Kew or any other part of the capital including ChelseaKensingtonKnightsbridge and Holland Park call and let us help. We’re the region’s premier residential and commercial painting and decorating service for a reason: because we treat all of our customers with the respect and attentive service they deserve.

Call now on 02031300294 or visit our website at http://www.paintbrushonline.uk to learn more.


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