The Best Paint Products For Painting a House

The Best Paint Products For Painting a House

The quality of a paint matters when it comes to painting a house.

The kind of products used and their application will make the difference between a paint job that begins to chip and cracks as soon as it’s dry and one that can last for years. In fact, every step in the process of painting a house — the paint brand, surface preparation, and the paint application — gives the structure, a paint job that can weather several seasons.

But, the first step is deciding the right products to use. Here are things you need to know to aid you in determining best paint products to paint a house.

Primer for Exteriors

Priming is the very first step to painting. It serves different purposes such as helping paint look more even and preventing it from appearing blotchy or showing any possible underneath colors you’re covering up.

A primer also allows paints to dry properly by giving it a smooth surface to which it can adhere, making it durable and lasting much longer. Painting over primer rather than directly also helps lessen the ugly bristle marks that your paint brush could leave behind in the dried paint.

For wood painting, a primer will help to keep the wood from swelling when there’s a lot of moisture in the air, which can cause your paint to stretch and crack. Applying an oil-based primer of high quality will increase the wood’s ability to hold paint despite the type of wood it is.

Also, take the climate into account when selecting a primer to paint a home. Oil-based primers are preferred by most professionals in high moisture areas. Some suggest a water-repellent when painting in humid, moist regions while also using primers that repel mildew and mould.

Paint for Exteriors

Just like primers, various types of paint can be used when painting the exterior part of a house. Available for this purpose are water-based latex paint and oil-based paint.

  • Oil-based Paint: Even though oil-based paint takes much longer to dry, it’s much more durable. It also tends to have some of the highest adhesion of any paint. However, it can become very brittle over time and even oxidize. Oil-based paint is the best when painting “chalky” surfaces as well as when painting a surface that’s been painted over several times, and also in highly moist and humid areas.
  • Water-based Latex Paint: Water-based latex or acrylic paints dry quickly, clean up easily and have high color retention. They are also more flexible which makes them better than oil-based paints in some instances. Most professionals recommend the use of water-based latex paint on wood, aluminium, and vinyl. Also on new masonry and in areas that experience cold and freezing temperatures.

There are several types and brands of paints available in stores; it is best to work with a painting expert like us to find the best product for your home or commercial buildings. Contact us today at Paintbrush company for best painting services.