Welcome to PaintBrush


Paintbrush is a well established company with professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in the Painting and Decorating industry. We are able to carry out all types of painting and decorating work from large scale commercial projects to small scale domestic ones.

What we do?


Residential Decorating

The psychology behind having a beautiful home begins with the best residential decoration from hands that have experienced many from scratch to the end designs

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External Decorating

Just like every employee in every company has job descriptions and specifications, we have grown in experience to know that each office setting has its own specifications for painting and decorations.

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Commercial Decorating

At Paintbrush Limited, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the notable commercial businesses and an amazing experience each of the times we have laid our hands on commercial decorations.

Why Choose us?

Interior Expertise

You can put your trust in Paintbrush to bring a fresh new look to any interior from domestic redecoration to business makeovers. We can offer you tailored guidance with color schemes to suit your personal tastes or to mirror your business’s corporate identity. Allow us to guide you to realize the best color balance in any space, with the necessary consideration for the light it receives. While we prioritize the function of the space so that we give the people who will use it the look and the feel you wish to achieve. We will strive to maintain aesthetical harmony with any existing or new furnishing which decorate it.

Guaranteed Works

Dulux select decorators are independent businesses that have been vetted to provide the very highest industry standard in painting and decorating; As part of this Paintbrush has been assed by Dulux and approved to join their scheme. As part of the scheme we can offer a 24 month workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind. We follow the strict Dulux code of practise to ensure you are given the highest of standards. We manage your job professionally from initial estimate to final coat. We also look after your home leaving it clean and tidy.

Reasonable Price

We endeavor to be priced competitively whilst giving our clients a first class service. Ours skills and high quality materials means we can deliver excellent quality redecoration. Our customer service is attentive and our communication is quick and efficient. We can’t promise to be the cheapest but we can strive to be the best.

Free Consultation

We come out to meet with the client in the space that requires the work. We spend time in discussion about what each individual client wishes to achieve. We then return a detailed free estimate to the client via email. We are happy to answer any questions and give details of the materials we plan to use. References of previous clients can be given on request.


We pride ourselves on giving our customers an efficient and reliable service.
We are highly professional and our attention to detail is first class.



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