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Commercial Decorating

Measuring and pricing all types of painting and decorating project.

At Paintbrush Limited, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the notable commercial businesses in West London and an amazing experience each of the times we have laid our hands on commercial decorations.

To manage commercial painting and decorating projects is a platform on which we have excelled because our work ethics allow us to work closely with everyone involved. We work hand-in-hand with site managers and other working trades, which has made us to develop detailed knowledge on how things work and help guide you from start to finish.

Working closely with your business from early stage of the project guides on the choice of appropriate materials, to file out planning and timeframes because all our work is undertaken with you our client at the center of our thoughts, hence; the reason for putting smiles on many faces when we are done.

We have sets of painters and decorators that have been inclined with the commercial atmosphere for the sole aim of adding life to the definition you have given to your business. Of course, our master sketcher(s) comes along in the ideation process in order to create the big picture in your head into a bigger reality by the time we are done.

The flawless finishing our specialists give with our Spray Painting and Intumescent painting services has made us retain our prestige in the business. Most importantly, we are guaranteeing you of a healthy and safety inclined service.

Contact us today for your commercial decoration and add some sweetness to your business with beautiful painting and decoration.

How does it Works ?

  • The client contact us

  • The client send us the project tender documentation by e-mail 

  • We will inspect the documents

  • We will producing a bill of quantities and/or costing the project

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