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Skilled Painters and Decorators in Mortlake: That’s Us!

We are a member of the Dulux Select Decorators scheme which means we have been vetted by Dulux against their very high industry standards in painting and decorating.


  • We are assessed and approved by Dulux
  • Offer a 24 month workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind
  • Follow the strict Dulux Code of Practice to give you the highest standards
  • Manage your job professionally from initial quote to final coat
  • Look after your home, leaving it clean and tidy

Whether you’re embarking on a redecoration of the kid’s room or need to repaint the exterior of a large block of flats, Paintbrush Limited are your go-to choice for reliability and quality.

Our large and diverse list of clients have experienced the difference our expert painters and decorators can make and have helped spread the word of our quality service to many neighbouring areas (including Notting HillSloane SquareBarnes and Chiswick).

Paintbrush Painters and Decorators Mortlake: A Higher Standard

Paintbrush was begun in response to a need for high-quality, reliable and affordable painting and decoration services in various locations including EalingFulhamTwickenham and Putney. The market as we saw it basically consisted of two types of companies: established, high-end concerns that focus on the needs of their Kensington and Notting Hill clients, and rock bottom discount firms that specialized in get-in, get-out rush jobs for everyone else.

Our goal was to create a company that offered affordable services but didn’t scrimp on the details or the quality of the work. The result is Paintbrush and today you can enjoy the benefits of our:

  • Experience – Each of our team members brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the company. Each is respected, talented and versatile and each works tirelessly to keep up with recent changes in design and decoration trends, techniques and materials. Everyone on the Paintbrush team is well-versed in proper behaviour whether the job site is a private home or commercial enterprise. We take nothing for granted from the moment you first contact us and the final results reflect that.
  • Drive – Drive is a word that has suffered from some bad press of late as “driven” has for some reason become closely associated with “aggressive”. We prefer to think of drive as a positive attribute, one that makes us eager to get to the job site in the morning and practice our trade for the benefit of our customers. There’s nothing aggressive about the way we conduct our business, but each of us is driven to excel at our chosen craft.
  • Dependability – We arrive when we say we will, work the whole day as we’re contracted to and don’t declare the job ‘finished’ until it’s complete down to the last detail. We take great care in protecting your valuables regardless of whether we’re working in a private home or a large corporate office. We don’t make excuses, don’t keep you waiting, don’t ignore your phone calls and don’t leave your property a mess.

The ability to enlist highly qualified, respected painting and decorating professionals should not be the exclusive right of a few. Our team members bring the world of first class interior and exterior painting and decoration services to the broadest possible customer base in Mortlake, Notting HillSloane Square and Barnes as well and we’re proud of that fact.

Next time you’re in the market for professional painting and decoration services for your home or business call us on and find out what we can do for you. If you’d like to learn more about us visit our website at www.paintbrushonline.uk and our other working areas.

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