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We cover all aspects of residential painting and decorating

The psychology behind having a beautiful home begins with the best residential decoration from hands that have experienced many from scratch to the end designs. That is why the way we work is a symbol of looking through your mind and creating the image you desire in your mind. And we go the extra length of improving that little idea in your head into something big that makes homecoming a first thought when the city becomes boring.

Our residential painting and decoration services span through all the major sections in your house. As we provide a detailed range of services for all your residential needs that cut across your home from little single man jobs to complete home refurbishments. That is why we visit your residence first to know the condition before commencing work at all.

At Paintbrush Limited, we are true artists and true artists know the soul behind every work of art. This is to assure you that our sense of residential wallpapers and paintings is outstandingly amazing; as we do not just fix wallpapers only because they are beautiful but we do because we are inclined with the psychology that comes with each design and how they fit into each area in your residence.

Not all decorators or painters know the health implications of various materials to be used in a residence, as a result of this, we are guaranteeing you of your health and safety with our material selections. It does not end there; our staff are efficient, clean and professional in their approach to service delivery.

We understand your residence is a sanctuary that becomes your home or vice versa, and with our years of experience in creating a beautiful home through our residential decoration, we promise you a paradise by the time we are through with our touches on your walls and residential spaces.

How does it work?

  • Specification
  • Estimations
  • Work in progress
  • Inspection by client
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We pride ourselves on giving our customers an efficient and reliable service. We are highly professional and our attention to detail is first class.